Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Running Clean in Albuquerque

Albuquerque voters will be going to the polls October 8 to elect a mayor and six city councilors. Early and absentee voting has begun.

Nine of the fifteen council candidates and one of the three mayor candidates are using the city's public campaign financing system. They are:

District 1- Ken Sanchez

District 2- Isaac Benton
District 2- Roxanna Meyers

District 3- Tania Silva

District 5- Dan Lewis
District 5- Eloise Gift

District 7- Diane Gibson

District 9- Lovie McGee
District 9- Dan Harris

Mayor- Pete Dinelli

Three candidates in district 3 and three candidates in district 7, and two candidates for mayor chose to raise private funds for their campaigns.

A list of polling places and other election information is available at the city's website (see link at right).

Get out there and vote, Albuquerque! (and don't forget your photo ID- it is required).

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Municipal Election Season Begins

As Albuquerque voters get ready to go to the polls to elect a mayor and half of the city council in October, municipal election season began Tuesday in Santa Fe and other cities and towns around the state.

In Santa Fe, eight people picked up candidate packets to run for mayor, while eleven others are beginning the process of running for four city council seats. Candidates have until November 5 (remember, remember) to gather petition signatures, then officially declare their candidacies on December 3. Election Day is March 4.

As we have repeatedly blogged, crowded fields like these are the exact reason voters approved Ranked Choice Voting. It is almost certain that the victors in the mayors race and some council races will win without a majority of votes, meaning that more people will have preferred someone other than the victor! Time will tell...