Sunday, February 21, 2016

Legislature Ends Without Passing Election Reforms

As expected, the legislature did virtually nothing this session to advance the cause of fair elections and voter participation. In spite of several Resolutions being introduced which would create independent redistricting commissions, automatically register voters, and mandate open primary elections, the legislature failed to act.

Likewise, bills and resolutions to create a state ethics commission and a full time legislature went down in flames. Apparently, legislators don't care that their constituents faith in government is at an all time low. Nor do they want to seriously address the fact that the 2014 election cycle saw the lowest voter participation rate since the Second World War.

The only demographic that seems to have benefited this session were those born between June and November, 2000. They will now be allowed to vote in the June 2018 primary elections, even though they will only be 17 at the time (if they register to vote in a major political party 28 days or more before the primary).

There's always next session...