Thursday, October 13, 2011

Money in Politics

Today's Santa Fe New Mexican highlights this state's ongoing problem with money in politics. Two headline stories focus on what should be illegal donations to our state's leaders.

One points out that Governor Martinez accepted over $400,000 to her various campaign funds during the legislative period just ended. The period is even called a prohibited period in state campaign law, but Governor Martinez points out it is only illegal to solicit donations, not to accept them.

Across the street, Attorney General Gary King has accepted a $15,000 donation to help repay his 2010 campaign debt, in spite of a newly passed law limiting individual contributions to $5,000 each. It's ok, says the man charged with enforcing New Mexico's laws, because it is for a past campaign not a current one.

All this comes as a group of Republicans is trying to overturn the law in our state Supreme Court, claiming it interferes with their First Amendment right to free spending.

Money is not speech. Corporations are not people. Government is not for sale.

It is time to take our Democracy back. Occupy Santa Fe!

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